Ada Lovelace Internship

Did you know a woman is widely regarded as the first computer programmer?

Her name was Ada Lovelace. Check out her story.

Also, did you know only about one in five computer programmers are female?

Starting January 15th, 2017, Red Branch Development did something about that. Only open to women, they’ve launched an internship program designed for women interested in learning and gaining experience in development and design.

Red Branch wants to offer local businesses, preferably those run by and/or for women, an opportunity to give these new female developers their first gig. Learning begins with lessons, but mastery comes with experience. Red Branch is looking for six (6) real world web development projects for their interns to work on. While they cannot offer the service for free, the site development price is drastically reduced. If you need web development work and want to support women in development and design, give Red Branch a call at 423-800-6962, or email at

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